Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The journey 1.0


The traffic of my timelines(FB, Twitter and Insta) are quite busy
Yes, with those UPU applicants
and I was like 'macam ni agaknya aku dulu time dapat tau masuk uni mana'
so I'm just okay-okay with it

Ada yang suka
Ada yang merengek
As for me, that's normal

And some of my juniors whatsapp-ed and asked me 'alaaa kak lin, macam mana ni'
and I have nothing to advise to them except for
'kamu istikharah la dik'

Two years ago
after the matriculation era
Idk why but I was very sure that I can get my top chosen uni
UM for degree in accountancy
UKM for degree in actuarial science
and the other maybe four or five of my chosen uni are UiTM 
Basically degree in accountancy and business field

But yes, Allah knows the best for me
UiTM-Degree in Accountancy

Sedih, Allah yang tahu
Am I too bad to not deserve for my top chosen uni?

lemme stop here
'll continue later and do wait for my next updatess okay

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