Saturday, 30 August 2014

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Giveaway #CikMielaBukaKedai - TAMAT

Assalamulaikum. Giveaway ini dibawakan oleh Cik Miela sempena pembukaan kedai Ladya Shops

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GA Merdeka : Di sini lahirnya sebuah cinta dari Mama ka0ri


Eh what's up with the post title huh
esok merdeka lahhh!!
so I decided to join this merdeka give away
kalau ada rezeki
hadiah best best tau

Jom join sekali
click banner bawah ni for the details okay
Join tau!

As for me
I've my own definition of merdeka

don't do this at home hehe

sungguh aku rindu
berborak dengan kawan Cina dan India
berbincang tentang isu agama dan budaya
aku rindu

aku mungkin tak mampu memegang senjata
kerana aku di bidang berbeza
tapi aku percaya
perjuangan itu bukan dinilai melalui gambar senjata
bukan juga melalui kibaran bendera yang dilekatkan di kereta

di hati ini lah
lahirnya sebuah cinta untukmu Malaysia

Happy 57th Independence Day Malaysia
Semoga Allah memberkati kemerdekaan kita, ameen


Friday, 29 August 2014

Mission In Action


This lady is not feeling well lately
tired of trying and crying
yeah stupid little things

I'm not that type of girl
yang duduk menangis 24 jam tak makan tak minum
so this entry is actually to cheer me up lah kononnya
let's see how far it can go *arrogant face*

Some people said
"kalau nak lupakan kekecewaan kita,
cuba bayangkan kita punya long-term goal in life"

it really works for me tho
I personally have 5 goals for the upcoming ten years
Let's check them out!
*hey wait, I put the "I'm so excited getting blabla" on every goal as a spirit booster

I'm so excited getting my career as an accountant in September 2016
Source : Google

Alhamdulillah, I'm one of the scholars of one of the private companies located in Kuala Lumpur. Alhamdulillah. And I've been bound with a working contract with them for insya Allah three years. Since I'll be graduating on September 2016, I really wish that I can start my career asap, ameen. Kenapa? because the following goals sedikit sebanyak are depending from this one.  

I am so excited getting my first car which is Kia Spectra in April 2017

Source : Google

First, why Kia Spectra? I plan to buy used car as my first car ameen. Since I've fallen in love with the design so why not kan. Tapi kenapa used car? Yes I wanna buy it cash. I really dont think that I can afford to pay RM 150 000 by cash for a new car. Lagipun kereta ni, depreciation dia tinggi. Hey takkan beli beratus ribu nak jual balik RM 20 000 je kan. One more thing, kenapa April 2017? Sebab nak beli kereta ni guna duit kerja tu, baru rasa ada sentimental value sikit.

I am so excited to build a bungalow for my parents in December 2020

Source : Google 

I don't know but I really love this house design. And insyaAllah I'm trying to get my saving in a stable mode for this one, ameen.

I am so excited to visit Makkah with my parents in 2022

Source : Google

I put this goal at this rank doesn't mean that it is not in my list of priorities. But since I wanna go with my parents, so it might cost me a lil bit higher. So the saving account must be in a tip top condition. Takpe lah, benda baik kita kenalah usaha sikit kan. InsyaAllah, ameen.

I am so excited having RM 1 000 000 in my bank account balance in 2024
Source : Google

First of all, this one is not my bank account balance. I wish that I can have that number of money in 2024. Yes exactly after 10 years from now ameen. 

All of the goals here macam my very big mission-to-accomplish lah. Banyak je lah minor goals macam nak belajar jahit langsir, nak pergi travel, nak itu nak ini. Tolong doakan ye, and I wish you the same too ameen.


Thursday, 28 August 2014

What 4.0 flat means to Malay students


Hye everyone
So what am I gonna update today
Yeah as I've mentioned in my previous post
It's about
"eh uitm takde cina india memang lah boleh dapat 4 flat every sem"

Okay babe
look here
we are now in university
the competition is not based on the ranking in class

Time sekolah
"Ah Chong dapat no 1, Ravi no 2 dan Ahmad no 3"
and you claim that Ahmad tak dapat no 1 sebab persaingan is quite tough in his class
okay accepted
1. Ahmad memang jenis belajar dari kulit ke kulit buku
2. Ahmad dapat 99%
3. Ah Chong dapat 99.2%

Dekat university
"Ahmad dapat 4.0 Flat tapi class dia semua Malay students"
and you claim that Ahmad senang lah dapat 4.0 Flat, takde persaingan
*back hand*
apa kena mengena babe?

Kalau dia memang rajin
assignment hantar on time
carry marks tinggi
and dia perform in final exam
tak patut ke dapat high pointer?

Kau yang malas study
and then kau guna alasan 'persaingan sengit'
tolong cari alasan 'first class' sikit ye


Thursday, 14 August 2014

The alhamdulillah result



Fyi, my exam result is being released today
after about a month of waiting period
and at last
ya Allah alhamdulillah

It is really out of my expectation, lillahi
but alhamdulillah
I couldn't ask for more ya Allah

First, alhamdulillah ya Allah. Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah.
Second, mak abah. Thanks for always giving me ayat jaga hati like 'kertas soalan salah kot' and 'nanti mesti grade turun' haha 
and also for your endless doa 
Next appreciation goes to my beloved lecturers and friends
Seriously, I tell you. The lecturers are being so nice I think in marking my papers. Thank you ma'am and ustaz
Classmates, thank you for being so supportive. I owe you guyss for many ilmu that you guys have shared. Thank you
And thank you to any indirect person that helped me for this while. I really appreciate you guys

Achievement Unlocked
Oh wait, what?
UiTM takde Cina India so boleh lah dapat pointer macam tu?
Okay wait for my next updates

Thanks for reading

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The journey 2.0


So, I'll continue my previous post

My high expectation is slowly killing me

I can still remember
one of my friend asked me 'kau dapat mana babe?'
luckily it was through SMS, so I can easily type 'UiTM je,accounting'
and she replied 'kau tipulah, serious lah'
how many times that I have to type UiTM UiTM UiTM UiTM
but because of she's one of my closest friend
so i just replied her nicely 'aku ambil UiTM je, humble sikit'
The saddest joke that I ever made T.T

Aku percaya
'Sometimes, rezeki kita lebih kat sini, kurang kat sana. Ada orang rezeki dia kurang kat sini, lebih kat sana'
Ye, aku percaya
syukur Alhamdulillah
there are so many of hikmahs, alhamdulillah

Being one of UiTM's students
then been selected as one of UEM's scholars
with alhamdulillah, the pointer so far
the parents, alhamdulillah are so happy and can't stop from promoting me to makcik pakcik 
*in studying field I mean
with motivated siblings
surrounded with educated people - friends and lecturer

Allah dah bagi cantik sangat tu
I believe that my friends from other universities also have their own stories of UPU
thanks for reading

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The journey 1.0


The traffic of my timelines(FB, Twitter and Insta) are quite busy
Yes, with those UPU applicants
and I was like 'macam ni agaknya aku dulu time dapat tau masuk uni mana'
so I'm just okay-okay with it

Ada yang suka
Ada yang merengek
As for me, that's normal

And some of my juniors whatsapp-ed and asked me 'alaaa kak lin, macam mana ni'
and I have nothing to advise to them except for
'kamu istikharah la dik'

Two years ago
after the matriculation era
Idk why but I was very sure that I can get my top chosen uni
UM for degree in accountancy
UKM for degree in actuarial science
and the other maybe four or five of my chosen uni are UiTM 
Basically degree in accountancy and business field

But yes, Allah knows the best for me
UiTM-Degree in Accountancy

Sedih, Allah yang tahu
Am I too bad to not deserve for my top chosen uni?

lemme stop here
'll continue later and do wait for my next updatess okay

First page


Having a site to share my own thought is something that I'm looking for
And at last, alhamdulillah I made it

21 and taking degree in accounting
is preparing herself to be a better muslimah

lemme stop here
and wait for my next updates guyss