Friday, 29 August 2014

Mission In Action


This lady is not feeling well lately
tired of trying and crying
yeah stupid little things

I'm not that type of girl
yang duduk menangis 24 jam tak makan tak minum
so this entry is actually to cheer me up lah kononnya
let's see how far it can go *arrogant face*

Some people said
"kalau nak lupakan kekecewaan kita,
cuba bayangkan kita punya long-term goal in life"

it really works for me tho
I personally have 5 goals for the upcoming ten years
Let's check them out!
*hey wait, I put the "I'm so excited getting blabla" on every goal as a spirit booster

I'm so excited getting my career as an accountant in September 2016
Source : Google

Alhamdulillah, I'm one of the scholars of one of the private companies located in Kuala Lumpur. Alhamdulillah. And I've been bound with a working contract with them for insya Allah three years. Since I'll be graduating on September 2016, I really wish that I can start my career asap, ameen. Kenapa? because the following goals sedikit sebanyak are depending from this one.  

I am so excited getting my first car which is Kia Spectra in April 2017

Source : Google

First, why Kia Spectra? I plan to buy used car as my first car ameen. Since I've fallen in love with the design so why not kan. Tapi kenapa used car? Yes I wanna buy it cash. I really dont think that I can afford to pay RM 150 000 by cash for a new car. Lagipun kereta ni, depreciation dia tinggi. Hey takkan beli beratus ribu nak jual balik RM 20 000 je kan. One more thing, kenapa April 2017? Sebab nak beli kereta ni guna duit kerja tu, baru rasa ada sentimental value sikit.

I am so excited to build a bungalow for my parents in December 2020

Source : Google 

I don't know but I really love this house design. And insyaAllah I'm trying to get my saving in a stable mode for this one, ameen.

I am so excited to visit Makkah with my parents in 2022

Source : Google

I put this goal at this rank doesn't mean that it is not in my list of priorities. But since I wanna go with my parents, so it might cost me a lil bit higher. So the saving account must be in a tip top condition. Takpe lah, benda baik kita kenalah usaha sikit kan. InsyaAllah, ameen.

I am so excited having RM 1 000 000 in my bank account balance in 2024
Source : Google

First of all, this one is not my bank account balance. I wish that I can have that number of money in 2024. Yes exactly after 10 years from now ameen. 

All of the goals here macam my very big mission-to-accomplish lah. Banyak je lah minor goals macam nak belajar jahit langsir, nak pergi travel, nak itu nak ini. Tolong doakan ye, and I wish you the same too ameen.


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  1. Akak doakan semua impian tu akan tercapai..Amiin